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Independence Day Idealism

Happy July 3rd! Today is not a holiday, but tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States of America. The United States FlagIt is a day we celebrate our independence from British rule with cook outs, parades, great fanfare, and fireworks. July 4th, Independence Day, is the deepest, core, singularly American holiday we have (we share Thanksgiving with Canada). Regardless of religion, background, or political affiliation, Independence Day is a holiday that Americans all celebrate together.

At least until recently.

I am astonished to learn that certain municipalities in this great country have decided to celebrate the 4th of July, today, on the 3rd of July! What? Surely their calendars were misprinted!

No, as a matter of despicable disparagement toward our great nation, these municipalities have taken it upon themselves to move a nationally celebrated holiday to another date. Of course, they all have their own outrageous excuses to mutilate our national heritage, but I believe it is unpatriotic and inexcusable.

Is it too presumptuous and idealistic of me to expect states, counties, and municipalities to conform to our national heritage, our national holiday? Should we simply look the other way and hope this is not happening? Should we simply flock like sheep to these inappropriately scheduled events simply because village XTC or city NQS has chosen it to be so, with blatant disregard for our country? Will we just accept it when they begin to celebrate New Years Eve on December 30th and Memorial Day on the 1st Monday of May simply because they choose it?

Or should we be true Americans and stand up for what is right? Should we stand up for what our forefathers defiantly sacrificed their blood, families, and even their lives to give to us? I say NO to these mini-ocracies. I say we should protest by NOT celebrating false holidays with them. Instead celebrate with America, celebrate patriotically on the declared holiday with the rest of this great nation. Be one with your country instead of out of step.

If you celebrate our great nation today, please realize you are taking part in an asinine celebration of our county’s dependence on Great Britain and you are tarnishing the ideals and memories for which this great nation stands. Think about it.

To the rest of the intelligent and patriotic citizens of the United States of America, I wish you all a happy Independence Day, tomorrow, the 4th of July.


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